Facing the New Millennium

by Michael Flamm

In 1941, on the eve of Pearl Harbor, Time magazine publisher Henry Luce predicted that the twentieth century would become known as the “American Century.” By many measures he was correct. During the next sixty years, the United States rose to a position of global military, economic, and cultural preeminence. Along the way it waged and won—with the assistance of allies—two great conflicts against opposing ideologies, first fascism and then communism. As the millennium approached, the nation enjoyed relative peace and prosperity even as it experienced considerable social and technological change. The road ahead appeared clear, with democracy and capitalism poised to spread across the world.More »

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Inaugural Parade. Michelle and Barack Obama watch the parade from the viewi

Barack Obama’s First Inaugural Address, 2009

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 Brett G. Coughlin to Kit, December 26, 1990 (Andrew Carroll/The Legacy Project)

Christmas in Kuwait, 1990

Creator: Brett G. Coughlin Curriculum Subjects: Geography, World History Grade Levels:
Mark Rickert to Merle Kilgore, September 14, 2003. ( Andrew Carroll / The Legacy

Discovering a mass grave in Iraq, 2003

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