History Now, the online journal of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, is published three times a year for educators, students, and general readers. Each issue is organized around a major theme in American history and features essays by leading historians, lesson plans by master teachers, digital elements, and links to primary sources in the Gilder Lehrman Collection.

Elections: History Now 1 (Fall 2004)

Primary Sources on Slavery: History Now 2 (Winter 2004)

Immigration: History Now 3 (Spring 2005)

American National Holidays: History Now 4 (Summer 2005)

Abolition: History Now 5 (Fall 2005)

Lincoln: History Now 6 (Winter 2005)

Women’s Suffrage: History Now 7 (Spring 2006)

The Civil Rights Movement: History Now 8 (Summer 2006)

The American West: History Now 9 (Fall 2006)

Nineteenth-Century Technology: History Now 10 (Winter 2006)

American Cities: History Now 11 (Spring 2007)

The Age of Exploration: History Now 12 (Summer 2007)

The Constitution: History Now 13 (Fall 2007)

World War II: History Now 14 (Winter 2007)

The Supreme Court: History Now 15 (Spring 2008)

Books that Changed History: History Now 16 (Summer 2008)

Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Era: History Now 17 (Fall 2008)

Abraham Lincoln in His Time and Ours: History Now 18 (Winter 2008)

The Great Depression: History Now 19 (Spring 2009)

High Crimes and Misdemeanors: History Now 20 (Summer 2009)

The American Revolution: History Now 21 (Fall 2009)

Andrew Jackson and His World: History Now 22 (Winter 2009)

Turning Points in American Sports: History Now 23 (Spring 2010)

Shaping the American Economy: History Now 24 (Summer 2010)

Three Worlds Meet: History Now 25 (Fall 2010)

New Interpretations of the Civil War: History Now 26 (Winter 2010)

The Cold War: History Now 27 (Spring 2011)

American Indians: History Now 28 (Summer 2011)

Religion in the Colonial World: History Now 29 (Fall 2011)

American Reform Movements: History Now 30 (Winter 2011)

Perspectives on America’s Wars: History Now 31 (Spring 2012)

The Music and History of Our Times: History Now 32 (Summer 2012)

Electing a President: History Now 33 (Fall 2012)

The Revolutionary Age: History Now 34 (Winter 2012)

America’s First Ladies: History Now 35 (Spring 2013)

Great Inaugural Addresses: History Now 36 (Summer 2013)

Gettysburg: Insights and Perspectives: History Now 37 (Fall 2013)

The Joining of the Rails: The Transcontinental Railroad: History Now 38 (Winter 2013)

American Poets, American History: History Now 39 (Spring 2014)

Disasters in Modern American History: History Now 40 (Fall 2014)

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Legislating EqualityHistory Now 41(Winter 2015)

The Role of China in US HistoryHistory Now 42 (Spring 2015)

Wartime Memoirs and Letters from the American Revolution to Vietnam: History Now 43 (Fall 2015)

Alexander Hamilton in the American Imagination: History Now 44 (Winter 2016)

American History in Visual Art: History Now 45 (Summer 2016)

African American Soldiers: History Now 46 (Fall 2016)

American Women in Leadership: History Now 47 (Spring 2017)