Video Series

Explore the process of creating the Constitution and the challenges of governing by it. This collection covers the influence of the authors, the battle over federalism, and the question of slavery.

From the horrors of the Middle Passage through the fight for abolition, this collection of videos by noted scholars takes on the fundamental role of slavery in the American story.

Explore a sampling of scholarship on gender from noted historians like Jill Lepore, John Demos, and Alice Kessler-Harris that covers women’s experiences from the Salem witch trials through the battle for equal pay.

From the first incursions of Europeans into the “New World,” American history has been one of immigration and migration. Explore that history from the conquest through Ellis Island and beyond through the work of noted scholars.

Historians and legal experts trace the history of the Supreme Court from its founding through epoch-making decisions.

From the terrors of the Middle Passage through the changes of the civil rights era to the present—leading scholars reflect on African American history. With biographies, legal analysis, and literary studies, this series includes more than fifty videos.

From the letters of GIs to the strategies of generals, this collection covers the broad scope of American military history.

Explore the scope of American history through an anatomy of a presidency.

Explore our collection of Pulitzer Prize–winning author videos.

The Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize, sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Institute and Gettysburg College, is awarded annually for the finest scholarly work in English on Abraham Lincoln or the American Civil War era. Hear from some of the recent winners.

Historians discuss their newest books.

Explore American history through the lives of the men and women made it. This series covers biographies as varied as Jackie Robinson and Aaron Burr.

Noted historians reflect on major questions in American history.