#68 The US Constitution, 1787

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Poster Caption: Alexander Hamilton was a strong federalist who believed that the thirteen separate states had to come together as one to succeed. In the interval between the printing of the first draft of the US Constitution (left) and the final version (right), the delegates at the Constitutional Convention came around to Hamilton's point of view: "We the People of the States of New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode-Island..." changed into "We, the People of the United States." (At left, Pierce Butler's copy of the first draft, August 6, 1787. At right, Benjamin Franklin's members' copy of the final version, September 17, 1787, inscribed to his grandnephew Jonathan Williams. From the Gilder Lehrman Collection)


Note: This poster features the same historical documents as Poster #4 United States Constitution, 1787, with a caption that focuses on the contributions of Alexander Hamilton.

These posters are 22" x 30", full color, and printed on a semi-gloss white stock. Each one features a caption that places the image in historical context.