American History: An Introduction

Price: $119.99

American History: An Introduction provides ten classroom-ready American history units from Native Americans through the Civil Rights Movement. The box introduces critical topics in American history with hands-on activities including games, letters, poems, maps, songs, and posters. Document-based units encourage critical thinking and literacy skills for students. Ideal for grades 3–8, this box includes ten individual units:

  1. Native Americans
  2. The Colonial Era
  3. The American Revolution
  4. Making of a New Nation
  5. Westward Expansion
  6. Slavery and Abolition
  7. The Civil War
  8. A Nation of Immigrants, 1850–1938
  9. The Industrial Revolution
  10. Civil Rights

Each unit contains a resource booklet, posters, and placards. The CD in this box is An American Sampler: Selected Poems and Songs That Celebrate Our Nation’s Past.