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The Twentieth Century: The United States and the World, 1898–1991 is the ninth volume in the award-winning History in a Box series. The twentieth century was one of tumultuous change, as social revolution, technical innovation and competition, and international events and relationships shaped the United States and its place in the world.

Contents include


American History: An Introduction provides ten classroom-ready American history units from Native Americans through the Civil Rights Movement. The box introduces critical topics in American history with hands-on activities including games, letters, poems, maps, songs, and posters. Document-based units encourage critical thinking and literacy skills for students. Ideal for grades 3–8, this box includes ten individual units:


Freedom to Move places the history of immigration within a framework of movement and the restriction of movement, a theme that connects the histories of American Indians, enslaved and free Africans, immigrants, and emigrants. The resource book is organized into seven historical periods that features introductions and documents related to the stories of more than sixty immigrants and migrants, encouraging students and teachers to consider links among the stories of men and women spanning three centuries.

Each volume of the History in a Box series includes:


The American Revolution was the first modern revolution, marking the first time in history that a people fought for its independence in the name of certain universal principles of human rights and civil liberties. More than two hundred years later the Constitution and the political system it established remain a model for people all over the world seeking to create democratic nations.


The American West offers a survey of a region shaped by geography and history from 1802 through World War II. It covers topics currently taught, highlighting the central role of the federal government in shaping the West, and the place of the mythology of the West in popular culture. This box includes the unique booklet Views of the West, with photographs by Andrew Russell and William Henry Jackson. The CD included in this box features songs as well as excerpts from Gold Rush letters and a memoir by a homesteader on the North Plains.


Teaching with Documents is an online course with instructional videos and lesson plans for teachers of grades 5-12. Each video focuses on a different way to use primary sources to improve student content knowledge and core literacy skills. Teaching with Documents demonstrates the same tested, Common Core-aligned approach used in Gilder Lehrman’s Teaching Literacy through History™ professional development program.